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Family-Friendly Studying

General Information

Maternity ProtectionHide

A leaflet about maternity protection can be found here.

Since 1 January 2018, students come under the direct protection of the new Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) wherever the university sets a compulsory place, time and structure of a training event, or students are required to complete a compulsory set internship (§§ 1 para. 2 sentence 2 No. 8, 2 para. 1 sentence 2 No. 8 MuSchG). Elective subjects needed to complete a degree course are also compulsory, as there is only the choice of which to take. Consequently, they are not considered a non-compulsory event. 

The question of optional services only arises when the pregnant or nursing student has taken more courses than are necessary to complete the degree programme (eg. an extra elective or additional modules). In such cases, the student would not be covered according to § 1 para. 2 No. 8 MuSchG for these courses, and therefore the university not considered as having the function of the employer according to § 2 para. 1 No. 1. However, the university is free to extend the level of MuSchG protection to all modules, regardless of whether they are part of the compulsory content in a particular case or not.

The Act protects students during pregnancy, after confinement and during nursing period. This means that

  • according to § 10 para. 1 MuSchG, universities must conduct a risk analysis with regard to the special vulnerability of the woman and her child for all affected events (regardless of whether pregnant or nursing students are taking part in these events at the time, or not.); 
  • according to § 10 para. 2 MuSchG, the protective measures required by the risk analysis are to be put in place immediately upon a student informing the university that she is pregnant or nursing.
  • according to § 13 para. 1 MuSchG, protective measures are to be taken upon the determination of an unjustifiable hazard; 
  • according to § 9 para. 1 sentence 4 MuSchG, any disadvantage arising because of the pregnancy, delivery or nursing period be avoided or offset (e.g. through adjustment of the set order of modules, or the generous scheduling of alternative dates for taking examinations). 

There is no duty to disclose the pregnancy. However, legal provisions of maternity protection only apply when the student discloses the pregnancy. It should be noted that the university must implement protective measures when the pregnancy is “obvious” (i.e. apparent to everybody). Maternity protection results in no changes with regard to the granting of semesters of leave. The periods of protection, however, now apply directly according to the Maternity Protection Act. 

Leave of absence from course of study during maternity leave, parenting leave and care periodHide

Leave of absences from a proper course of study is granted

  • when the maternity protection period (6 weeks before delivery) falls during the semester for which the leave of absence is meant to apply
  • until the child turns 3 years of age.

During a semester of leave because of pregnancy / parenting one is relieved of the duty to properly pursue one’s course of study; i.e. one can still attend as many courses and complete course requirements as one’s individual situation allows. Maternity leave or parenting leave is provided in the form of absence of leave (up to 6 semesters) within the scope of the statutory provisions.
Leave of absence is requested for and granted as one semester. Periods of maternity leave or parenting leave are not deducted from the maximum entitlement to leave.

 Leave of absence during first semester is only possible when the reasons for leave of absence have arisen after enrolment. Leave of absence cannot be granted for the current semester. It should be noted that for absence of leave for reasons that can persist over several semesters (e.g. periods of study abroad for several semesters, parenting leave), the leave of absence must be applied for each following semester.

Applications for leave of absence are to be submitted to the Student Administration Office.

Special arrangement for examinationsHide

Although no examinations may be attempted in a “normal” semester of leave, no restrictions are placed on students on maternity leave or parenting leave sitting examinations and thereby fulfilling course requirements. Such semesters of leave do not count as semesters of study. Further rights and responsibilities of students (with the exception of the obligation of a proper course of study) remain unaffected, especially the obligation to re-enrol for the following semester. Nevertheless it is advisable to inquire at the relevant Examinations Office to be sure.

Student Administration Office
Central University Administration 
95440 Bayreuth
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5256
+49 (0)921 / 55-845255
E-mail: studierendenkanzlei@uni-bayreuth.de

Part-time studyHide

Certain programmes of study at the University of Bayreuth can also be studied part-time. Which exactly, can be found in the respective programme descriptions in the programme finder of the University of Bayreuth.

Student discountsHide

An overview of discounts available to students can be found in the Pages of the Upper Franconian Association of Student Services Oberfranken.

Student-Parents’ InitiativeHide

Study for parents: The next stage of your life is leading to the University of Bayreuth.

Are you worried about starting a degree programme with a young child? Have you become a mother during your studies and aren’t sure now what to do? Do you wish to take charge of where you’re headed, even with a young child, and fulfil your dream of studying?

Welcome to the University of Bayreuth! 

Here at the Family-Friendly University, you’ve come to the right place. Our Campus is friendly and just the right size, and our instructors are understanding and ready to help. The Consultant for Family-Friendly University is there protecting your interests at the University, and the Student Parliament always has an open ear to fresh ideas, events and suggestions for improvement. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and your child to our Campus-family! We will provide a bi-annual parents’ evening for students and academic staff at the University, in order to keep up the conversation amongst you (see also our Facebook group) and to create a platform for constructive criticism. Furthermore, the many nappy-changing rooms, a play area in the canteen, and a parent-child office are easy to find here at the University. During the week, our StuKi (nursery for children of students) provides supervision right next to the Campus. 

Your Lisa-Marie Brüning, Student Parliament Joint Chair for Culture, Campus Development and Equal Opportunities

Contact: KuCuC.stupa@uni-bayreuth.de

Families in Bayreuth

Important information about living in Bayreuth if you have children can be found in the brochure „Ratgeber für alleinerziehende Familien in Bayreuth“ (practical guide for single-parent families in Bayreuth). This explains the legal basis, financial help, advising services and childcare, and is hence not only relevant to single parents, but also to parents raising children together. Download: Ratgeber für alleinerziehende Familien in Bayreuth

Your entitlements

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth’s  Infotool Familie serves as a first port of call to determine with just a few clicks what family benefits your family is likely to be entitled to.

Childcare options

Day careHide

Besides the area of regular childcare, the University also works with the City of Bayreuth in arranging day care.

As part of the Family-Friendly University’s collaboration with the City Youth Agency, Campus parents can also receive support in finding suitable day care - i.e. a day care professional.

On the City of Bayreuth’s Internet pages, you will be directed to the respective contacts at the City Youth Agency with regard to advice on and provision of child day care in Bayreuth.

​Exceptional and after-school care Hide

Exceptional and after-school care for children of staff of the University of Bayreuth can be booked on an hourly basis between 8 am and 8 pm, Monday to Friday, and is provided by our partners at Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe. The fee of 25.00 Euro per hour is generally payable by the staff member themselves. It can, however, also be covered by their organizational unit, provided equal opportunities funds, funds for conference services or similar are available. During the day, exceptional childcare can only be arranged when regular childcare is cancelled, and after-school care, in the evening, only in cases of urgent work matters.

If care is required, please give 24 hours notice at: Contact

​Alternative to childcare Parent-Child OfficeHide

The Parent-Child Office (EKiZ, B9, Room 4) is a standard office with a computer work station for students and staff with children at the University of Bayreuth. In cases of unexpected cancellation of regular childcare, for example cancelled classes, the illness of a child, or cancellation by the day care professional at short notice, the Parent-Child Office (EKiZ) provides an alternative. Children are free to use a rest, play, and schoolwork area, meaning that when the need areas, mothers or fathers can continue their professional or academic work while supervising their child at the same time.

The ways in which this room can be used are set down in the rules of usage, which are detailed when a parent avails themselves of this facility.  For example, use of the room is expressly forbidden if the child to be supervised is suffering an infectious illness (e.g. chicken pocks, mumps, measles, scarlet fever, rubella, etc.) or is ill with a high fever. In addition, the use of the Parent-Child Office is at one’s own risk, and the University accepts no liability for damages resulting from breach of the duty of supervision by the parent present.

A request to use the Parent-Child Office EKiZ can be lodged with the Consultant for Family-Friendly University.

Media invitation to opening of the Parent-Child Office EKiZ in May 2013

​Hourly childcareHide

Short-time childcare by AWO

The Workers’ Welfare Association (AWO) Bayreuth offers short-time childcare at the Fizzli-Puzzli AWO day care centre in Oberpreuschwitz to all parents.
More information on their offering: here (short-time childcare)

AWO Childcare Agency

The AWO Childcare Agency maintains a register of young child caregivers, who have all received appropriate training and completed first aid training. The AWO will procure child caregivers/babysitters for you from this register.
More information on their offering: here (Babysitter AWO)

St. Hedwig Babysitter Service

The St. Hedwig Babysitter Service also provides flexible childcare from trained babysitters.
They can be procured via Family Education Centre at Ludwigstraße 29, (notice board or Parents’ Café), to refer to the card file - or via: Frau Schloßmacher, Phone: 09 21-3 57 24
More information on this offering: here (Babysitter St. Hedwig)

Regular childcareHide

Studierendenkinderkrippe (StuKi, nursery for children of students)

In the Kinderzentrum Frankengut of the Diakonischen Werkes Bayreuth e.V.
Frankengutstraße 20, 95447 Bayreuth
Phone: 0921 / 63258 (Contakt: Christina Cantürk)
E-Mail: stuki-frankengut@diakonie-bayreuth.de
Homepage: https://www.diakonie-bayreuth.de/angebote/kinderkrippe-stuki-studentenkinderkrippe/
target group: Children of students at the University

Kinderzentrum Frankengut

StuKi and the Knirps & Co nursery are part of the Kinderzentrum Frankengut, which belongs to the Diakonischen Werk Bayreuth, and is located right next door to the Campus grounds. The Kinderzentrum also comprises the Evangelischen Kinderkrippe Frankengut, a large nursery including an integrative group for children with and without disability called Villa Sonnenschein, the after-school care centre Kinderinsel and Birken primary school (1st - 4th class).

Providers: Diakonisches Werk Stadtmission
Tel.: +49 (0)921 / 7542-0
Target group: among others, children of students and staff of the University

Evangelischer Kindergarten Birken

Friedenstr. 1, 95447 Bayreuth
Tel.: +49 (0)921 / 61098
E-Mail: kiga-birken@diakonie-bayreuth.de
Homepage: www.kita-bayern.de/bt/birken/
Target group: among others, children of students and staff of the University


Die Universität kooperiert mit der Stadt Bayreuth nicht nur im Bereich der Regelbetreuung, sondern auch bei der Kindertagespflege.

In der Zusammenarbeit der Familiengerechten Hochschule mit dem Stadtjugendamt können interessierte Campus-Eltern so auch bei der Suche nach einer passenden Tagesbetreuung - sprich eines Tagesvaters oder einer Tagesmutter - unterstützt werden.

Auf den Internetseiten der Stadt Bayreuth finden Sie direkt Kontakt zu entsprechenden Ansprechpartner/innen des städtischen Jugendamts hinsichtlich der Beratung zur und der Vermittlung von Kindertagespflege in Bayreuth.

​Not- und Randzeitenbetreuung Hide

Die Not- und Randzeitenbetreuung für Kinder Beschäftigter der Universität Bayreuth kann Montag bis Freitag in der Zeit von 8:00 bis 20:00 Uhr stundenweise gebucht werden und wird von unserem Kooperationspartner Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe durchgeführt. Die Gebühr von 25,- Euro pro Stunde ist grundsätzlich von den Beschäftigten zu tragen. Sie kann aber auch von deren Organisationseinheit übernommen werden, soweit Gleichstellungsmittel, Mittel für Tagungsbetreuung o.ä. vorhanden sind. Tagsüber kann die Notbetreuung nur bei Ausfall der Regelbetreuung in Anspruch genommen werden bzw. die Randzeitenbetreuung darüber hinaus bei dringenden Dienstgeschäften in den Abendstunden.

Bei Bedarf wenden Sie sich bitte spätestens 24 Stunden vorher an: Kontakt

Backup Childcare for employees' children can be booked monday to friday from 8am to 8pm by the hour. The fee of 25,- Euro per hour must be paid by the employees. It can also be paid from the budget of the employees' unit if corresponding funds (for example "Gleichstellungsmittel" or funds for conference support) are available. During the day, backup childcare can only be used if regular childcare breaks down or in the case of work-related matters in the evenings.

If necessary, please contact 24 hours before.

​Stundenweise BetreuungHide

Kurzzeitbetreuung der AWO

Die Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bayreuth bietet für alle Eltern eine Kurzzeitbetreuung in der AWO-Kindertagesstätte Fizzli-Puzzli in Oberpreuschwitz an.
Nähere Informationen zum Angebot: hier (Kurzzeitbetreuung)

Agentur für Kinderbetreuung der AWO

Die Agentur für Kinderbetreuung der AWO führt eine Kartei von jugendlichen Kinderbetreuern, die hierfür eine Ausbildung und einen Erste-Hilfe-Kurs absolviert haben. Die AWO vermittelt Ihnen diese Kinderbetreuer/Babysitter.
Nähere Informationen zum Angebot: hier (Babysitter AWO)

Babysitterdienst St. Hedwig

Auch der Babysitterdienst St. Hedwig bietet flexible Betreuung durch ausgebildete Babysitter.
Die Vermittlung erfolgt über die Familien-Bildungsstätte in der Ludwigstraße 29 (Schwarzes Brett bzw. Elterncafé), dort kann die Kartei eingesehen werden - oder über: Frau Schloßmacher Tel.: 09 21-3 57 24
Weitere Informationen zum Angebot: hier (Babysitter St. Hedwig)

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